Back to School Party Ideas: How to Throw a Back to School Party
    Aug 2023

    As summer days transition into the vibrant hues of fall, the back-to-school season marks the beginning of a new chapter for students. What better way to celebrate this transition than with a lively and creative back-to-school party? Whether you're a parent looking to welcome your kids back to the routine or a student eager to reconnect with friends, throwing a back-to-school party can set the tone for a successful and exciting academic year. Let's dive into some fantastic ideas to make your back-to-school bash a memorable event.

    How to Throw a Back to School Party


    Theme it Up: Choose a Theme That Excites

    Kick off your party planning by selecting a theme that resonates with the back-to-school vibe. Whether it's a "School Supplies" theme with decorations resembling pencils, rulers, and notepads, or a "Science Lab" theme with quirky experiments and lab coats, a creative theme sets the tone for a fun-filled event.

    Invitations: Get the Excitement Flowing

    Craft eye-catching invitations that give a sneak peek into the fun that awaits. Consider designing invitations that resemble report cards or textbooks, giving guests a playful glimpse of what's in store.

    Decorate with a Playful Twist

    Deck your venue with decorations that bring the classroom to life in a fun and imaginative way. Hang paper lanterns shaped like apples or create a bulletin board display featuring "first day of school" photos from previous years.

    DIY Craft Stations: Unleash Creativity

    Set up craft stations where guests can create personalized school supplies like decorated pencil cases, custom bookmarks, or backpack tags. This not only adds an interactive element to the party but also gives attendees practical items to use throughout the school year.

    Scavenger Hunt: A Quest for Knowledge

    Organize a back-to-school scavenger hunt that leads participants to different "subject" stations. Each station can involve a fun challenge or activity related to a specific subject, creating an exciting and educational twist to the party.

    Homework-Free Zone: Relax and Reconnect

    Create a designated area where attendees can unwind and socialize without the stress of homework. Arrange cozy seating, games, and refreshments, allowing everyone to catch up and reconnect.

    Photo Booth Fun: Capture the Moment

    Set up a photo booth with back-to-school-themed props and banners. Encourage guests to take silly photos that commemorate the start of a new school year and provide them with lasting memories.

    Back-to-School Snacks: Delicious Delights

    Serve snacks that pay homage to classic school favorites – think mini sandwiches, apple slices with caramel dip, and milk and cookie shooters. You can also create a DIY lunch station with various sandwich and wrap options.

    Teacher's Desk Dessert Table: Sweet Treats

    Set up a dessert table reminiscent of a teacher's desk, complete with treats like "chalk" candy sticks, "notebook" cookies, and "pencil" cake pops. It's a delightful way to indulge in some sweet school-themed treats.

    School Spirit Dress Code: Show Your Colors

    Encourage guests to wear their school colors or attire that represents their academic journey. This adds a sense of unity and school pride to the celebration.

    Supply Drive: Give Back to the Community

    Incorporate a charitable element by hosting a school supply drive. Invite guests to bring donations of school supplies that can be distributed to students in need.

    Yearbook Signing: Keep Memories Alive

    Provide guests with blank "yearbook" pages or notebooks for them to write messages and well-wishes to each other. It's a sentimental touch that captures the essence of the school experience.

    Educational Games: Fun with a Purpose

    Incorporate games that subtly reinforce learning, such as trivia challenges or word puzzles. It's a playful way to stimulate the mind while having a blast.

    Virtual Back-to-School Party: Connect from Afar

    If in-person gatherings are challenging, consider hosting a virtual back-to-school party. Utilize video conferencing platforms to engage in games, activities, and catch-up sessions with friends.

    Party Favors: Tokens of Fun

    Bid farewell to your guests with thoughtful party favors like mini notebooks, colorful pens, or even personalized keychains to remember the event by.

    A back-to-school party is more than just a celebration; it's an opportunity to infuse the excitement of learning into every moment. Whether you're channeling nostalgic school memories or creating fresh ones, these ideas offer endless possibilities to make your back-to-school bash a hit. From creative decorations to interactive activities, you're well-equipped to throw a memorable party that sets the stage for a successful and inspiring academic year ahead.

    Back to School Party Ideas

    Absolutely, here are 20 back-to-school party ideas to make the return to the classroom an exciting and memorable experience:



    School Supplies Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt where guests search for school supplies hidden throughout the venue.

    Classroom Movie Night: Set up a movie screening of a classic school-themed film, complete with popcorn and comfy seating.

    Pencil Decorating Station: Provide plain pencils and various decorating materials for guests to personalize their own pencils.

    Science Lab Experiments: Set up simple science experiments for guests to participate in and learn from.

    DIY Bookmarks: Have a bookmark-making station where attendees can design and create their own bookmarks.

    Alphabet Snack Buffet: Set up a buffet with snacks that start with each letter of the alphabet for a fun and educational twist.

    Back-to-School Photo Booth: Create a photo booth with school-themed props for fun and memorable photo opportunities.

    Classroom Games Tournament: Organize classic classroom games like spelling bees, math challenges, and trivia contests.

    School Lunch-Inspired Menu: Serve up cafeteria-style food like sandwiches, fruit cups, and milk cartons.

    Arts and Crafts Corner: Set up an arts and crafts area with supplies for creative projects like painting, drawing, and crafting.

    Mathlete Olympics: Create math-related games and challenges for guests to participate in as part of a mini Olympics.

    Storytelling Circle: Encourage attendees to share their favorite school-related stories or memories.

    DIY Locker Decor: Provide materials for guests to create mini locker decorations or magnets.

    School-Themed Karaoke: Have a karaoke setup where attendees can sing songs related to school or education.

    School Colors Fashion Show: Guests can dress up in their school colors and walk the "runway" while showcasing their outfits.

    Teacher Appreciation Moment: Allow attendees to express their gratitude to a favorite teacher through cards, gifts or speeches.

    Board Game Extravaganza: Set up a variety of board games for friendly competition and teamwork.

    Book Swap: Invite guests to bring books they've read and swap them with others to encourage reading.

    Yearbook Signing Station: Provide guests with yearbook-style pages or notebooks to write messages and well-wishes to each other.

    Outdoor Field Day: Organize classic field day games like sack races, tug-of-war, and relay races for a nostalgic twist.

    With these creative back-to-school party ideas, you can celebrate the start of a new school year in style, foster a love for learning, and create lasting memories with friends and family.


    Lava Your Style - Back to School Party Bags

    Supplies for Creating DIY Party Bags:


    Plain Party Bags: Choose from paper bags, fabric pouches, small boxes, or other creative options.

    Stickers and Embellishments: Stickers, rhinestones, and other decorative elements.

    Markers and Pens: Colored markers, gel pens, or calligraphy pens for personalizing.

    Filling Items: We recommend adding one of our personalised notebooks with a pen and pencil.

    Glue or Double-Sided Tape: To attach decorations securely.

    Filling: Some tissue paper to decorate the inside of the bag.

    Instructions for Creating DIY Party Bags:

    Choose Your Bag: Decide on the type of bag you want to use – paper bags, fabric pouches, boxes, etc. It's best to use matching plain bags, that you can decorate.

    Plan Your Design: Determine the overall look you want for your party bags. Consider your theme, color palette, and the decorative elements you want to include.

    Decorate: Use stamps, markers, stickers, and other embellishments to create your desired design. We recommend personalising the bags, with each guests name or a unique message.

    Fill the Bags: Carefully place your chosen items inside the bags. We recommend putting one of our personalised notebooks in each bag. Our spiral notebooks are the perfect party treat, and you can customise them to include each guests name to create something special and unique.

    Add Final Touches: If desired, attach any final decorations like tags, charms, or additional ribbons.

    Creating your own DIY party bags not only adds a unique and personal touch to your event but also shows your thoughtfulness in every detail. Let your creativity shine and craft party bags that become cherished keepsakes for your guests.


    Back to School General Party Supplies

    Certainly! Here's a list of back-to-school party supplies that will help you create a fun and engaging celebration:

    1. Invitations: Set the tone with school-themed invitations that get everyone excited for the party.
    2. Decorations: Back-to-school banners, paper lanterns, balloons, and streamers to transform the space.
    3. School Supplies: Arrange a variety of school supplies as both decorations and interactive elements.
    4. Chalkboard or Whiteboard: Use it for games, announcements, or creative doodling.
    5. Desks or Tables: Provide seating arrangements reminiscent of a classroom.
    6. Classroom Posters: Hang educational posters or create custom posters related to the theme.
    7. Bulletin Board: Create a bulletin board display featuring school-related photos and artwork.
    8. Blackboard Backdrop: Use a chalkboard or blackboard-style backdrop for photo opportunities.
    9. Name Tags: Provide adhesive name tags for guests to wear.
    10. Cafeteria-Style Food Setup: Serve snacks and drinks in trays or lunch trays.
    11. Apples: Display apples as both decor and a healthy snack option.
    12. Desk Organizers: Use pencil holders and organizers to hold utensils and supplies.
    13. Library Corner: Create a cozy reading area with cushions, blankets, and a selection of books.
    14. Globes and Maps: Decor items that add an educational touch to the party space.
    15. Clocks: Set up wall clocks to mimic classroom timekeeping.
    16. Classroom Games: Gather classic games like Scrabble, chess, and puzzles.
    17. Art Supplies: Offer markers, crayons, colored pencils, and paper for creative activities.
    18. Science Experiment Supplies: Set up a station with basic science experiment materials.
    19. Flashcards: Create oversized flashcards for games and challenges.
    20. Digital Projector: Use it for educational slideshows, movies, or trivia.
    21. Educational Posters: Display posters with fun facts, trivia, or inspiring quotes.
    22. Pencil Pinata: A playful nod to the iconic school supply.
    23. Music Playlist: Curate a playlist with school-themed songs and hits.
    24. Microphone: For announcements and hosting games.
    25. Photo Booth Props: Props like glasses, graduation caps, and bookworm-themed items.
    26. Themed Plates and Napkins: Choose designs related to school subjects or themes.
    27. Notebook Paper Tablecloths: Decorative tablecloths resembling notebook paper.
    28. Rulers or Yardsticks: Use them for table settings, centerpieces, or decorations.
    29. Milk and Juice Cartons: For serving drinks with a school lunch vibe.
    30. Globe or Atlas Centerpieces: As a nod to geography class.
    31. Backpacks: Hang mini backpacks as decor or use them for party favors.
    32. Mini Chalkboards: Use them as place cards or labels for food and activities.
    33. Lunch Trays: For serving appetizers or snacks in a cafeteria-style setup.
    34. Teacher's Desk Setup: Decorate a desk with school supplies, a globe, and other classroom items.
    35. ABC and Number Cutouts: Hang or scatter alphabet and number cutouts around the space.
    36. Paper Airplanes: Hang paper airplanes from the ceiling for a whimsical touch.
    37. Book Piles: Stack books as decor or centerpieces.
    38. Test Tube Vases: Use as unique vases for floral arrangements.
    39. Gym Equipment: Set up mini hurdles, cones, or jump ropes for a field day theme.
    40. Report Card Party Favors: Create mini "report cards" with personalized notes as favors.

    Remember to tailor the supplies to fit your chosen back-to-school theme and the age group of your guests. These supplies will help you create an immersive and engaging back-to-school party experience.