Fun Personality Quiz: Find Your Perfect Notebook Match
    Aug 2023

    This one is a bit of fun really - answer our five quick questions and we'll guess what your perfect notebook is and what it says about you! Hopefully, after completing this fun personality quiz, you'll find your perfect notebook match. Let our quiz guide you to a notebook soulmate that reflects your personality and sparks your imagination, because the perfect notebook is more than just paper—it's a canvas to express yourself.

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    We hope you've had lots of fun completing our fun personality quiz. Don't let the party stop there, you can also check out our tips below to help you choose the perfect notebook if you want more of a thorough process.

    Tips for Choosing the Perfect Notebook

    Nothing beats that feeling of putting a pen to paper. You can let your creativity run wild and come up with all sorts of plans, goals and ideas. But with so many options available, how do you choose the perfect notebook that complements your unique needs and preferences? Here are some valuable tips to guide you in selecting the ideal notebook companion:

    Purpose and Use: Consider the purpose for which you'll be using the notebook. Is it for journaling, sketching, note-taking, planning, or a combination of these activities? Each of these tasks demands a different type of notebook. For instance, if you're an avid sketch artist, a notebook with blank pages is ideal, while a lined notebook is better for writing.

    Size Matters: The size of the notebook matters depending on your preferences and where you plan to carry it. Compact sizes are great for on-the-go note-taking, while larger sizes provide more space for creative endeavors. Common sizes include A5, and A4.

    Binding and Durability: Choose a binding style that suits your needs. Spiral-bound notebooks allow for easy page flipping and laying flat. These notebooks are also ideal if you need to rip out pages. Hardcover notebooks offer durability and a more classic feel.


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    Design and Aesthetics: Your notebook should resonate with your personal style. Whether you prefer minimalist elegance, vibrant patterns, or artistic covers, opt for a design that sparks joy and reflects your personality. After all, your notebook is an extension of yourself.

    Page Format: Different notebooks offer various page formats—lined, grid, dot grid, blank, or even a combination. Choose based on your writing style and creative needs. Graph pages, for example, are versatile for both writing and sketching.

    Additional Features: Consider extra features that enhance your notebook experience. Our spiral notebooks have a handy document pocket to store all your extra notes and pages.

    Price Point: Notebook prices can vary greatly. Our spiral notebooks are generally cheaper, whereas our hardback notebooks cost more. Think about your budget when choosing the style of notebook.

    By considering these tips, you'll find the perfect notebook for your needs. Don't forget to take our fun personality quiz to find your perfect notebook match based on your personality preferences.