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    Gift giving can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of people to buy for. Luckily - here at Lava Your Style - we have a range of cheap personalised gifts under £20. Even though the price tag isn’t as high, they’re still extra special as you can customise them with your special someone’s name or write a personalised message.

    Cheap Personalised Gifts - Personalised Presents & Gifts

    Why Should You buy Cheap Personalised Gifts?

    They’re Special Without Breaking the Bank

    In a world where we have ever advancing technology, we can feel pressured to buy large expensive gifts like iPads and iPhones. If you’re shopping for gifts on a budget, personalised best friend gifts are the way to go. They show your loved ones that you’ve put some thought into the gift - and it gives them something to treasure. You instantly feel more attached to a mug that’s got your name on it than a generic one. It adds lots of sentimental value.

    Our gifts are also expertly designed, so you don’t have to worry about trying to design them on a builder. That’s ideal if you don’t have a lot of design knowledge, and it’ll save you time.

    Our Guide to Help You Order Cheap Personalised Gifts

    Choose Your Product

    This one is pretty obvious, but before you do anything else, you need to choose which product to order. We have lots of options, like personalised blankets, personalised plates, personalised cushions, personalised notebooks, personalised t-shirts and personalised mugs.

    Time to Personalise the Design

    We’ve made the personalisation process easily. All you have to do is type your desired text in the personalisation box on the product page. Make sure the product can be personalised first. Personalised products are clearly marked on the product page.


    When you’ve decided on your personalised text and typed it into the box, you’re ready to place the order. Don’t worry, we’ll receive your personalised text when you place your order.

    We create your unique product

    We do all the hard work for you. Once you tell us your personalised text, we’ll then alter the design template to include your personalisation. After that, we’ll submit the design file to our fulfilment partners to make the product and the ship it out to you. It’s that simple!

    Types of Cheap Personalised Gifts

    Cheap personalised gifts are a popular choice, as they’re unique and have that extra special something. Take a look around our site to see our range of expertly designed products that are available for customisation.

    Personalised products make the best gifts! We design them especially for your loved ones, so you can enjoy seeing a big smile on their face when they open them. We offer a large range of gifts at Lava Your Style, including:

    Personalised Homeware

    Homeware is a safe choice, as you don’t have to worry about it fitting like clothing. Plus, wide all love to making our houses feel like a home. Personalised homeware is great for adding a meaningful touch to the space to make it your own! Take a look at our wide range of personalised items including, personalised rugs, personalised blankets, personalised plates and personalised mugs!

    We add a happy twist to all our items, as we want to focus on positive wellbeing. They feature quotes and images meant to promote positive wellbeing. There’s no better gift to give someone than the gift of happiness. The money earned from our shop also helps us to keep funding our wellbeing hub with tips, advice and information.

    Personalised Clothing

    Ever heard the phrase, ‘clothing is art that we wear’. It means clothing is the way lots of us express our personality and creativity. There’s lots of ways to do this, like through colour psychology or by creating unique looks. But, have you considered personalising t shirts, maybe by adding your name or the name of someone special?

    Personalised Device Cases

    Personalised device cases are ideal for any tech lovers. We offer a cool range of custom iPhone cases that you can customise. You can create a completely unique case with our personalisation feature. Add your name or someone else’s to our products to create a unique case, either for a gift for someone else or a treat for yourself.

    Personalised Notebooks

    Notebooks are a great low stake present, as we all need to jot something down at one point or another. We have an awesome selection of custom notebooks with healthy wellbeing messages. You can customise some of our notebooks to create a personalised notebook. All you have to do is add the desired name to create a unique gift.

    What are our Best Selling Cheap Personalised Gifts?

    Okay, are you feeling stuck for ideas when trying to choose a personalised gift? Well, we’re here to help you make a decision. Our cheap best sellers under £20 are a great place to start. They include:

    The Personalised Happy Cat Notebook

    The personalised Happy Cat notebook is a fun but inexpensive choice, costing just £12.99. The fun pink notebook features a positive quote that will make anyone smile. The design featuring a cat is also great for animal lovers.

    The Personalised Grunge Smiley Face Tee

    This one’s slightly more expensive than the Happy Cat Notebook at £17.99, so it’s better for close family members that you want to spend a bit extra on. We think the Grunge Smiley Face T-Shirt is great, because it’s unisex design and has a space where you can get creative and add any text! It’s great for someone who wants to make their own slogan tee.

    The Personalised Rainbow Coasters

    If you’re looking for something inexpensive, coasters are a great choice. Our rainbow coasters feature a fun brightly coloured design that everyone will love. They also have space for you to add in your own text, whether that’s a name or a spacial message.

    The Personalised Letter Notebook

    Here’s a cheap personalised gift that’s great for a friend. It features a fun, contemporary design that people are sure to love. You can tell us the letter you wish to be personalised you the product and then we’ll create it for you.

    The Personalised Bee-lieve in Yourself China Plate

    You’ve got to love this one - we sure do! If features adorable bumble bees and an inspirational message. You can even add someone’s name to the personalised bee-live in yourself china plate to add an extra special touch. Also, at £14.99, it’s fairly affordable and versatile as the person can either use it as a trinket plate or for food.

    What Gift to Buy for a Special Occassion?

    If you’re looking for cheap personalised gifts, we bet you’re shopping for a gift that’s for an extra special occasion, like a birthday. We’ve made a guide to help you choose a perfect gift for your special someone, and they’re all below £20 - that’s a bargain!

    A Great Mother’s Day Gift

    So, you might not know this, but I’m the owner of this shop and I’m also a mother to a very beautiful baby boy. If I’m being honest, I think traditional mother’s day featuring floral designs are a bit old fashioned. Change things up by purchasing one of our modern designs. We have a great selection!

    We think our personalised notebooks would make great Mother’s Day gifts and our Personalised Take Care of Yourself Journal would be the best choice. Add ‘Mom’ for the personalised text, and the book will become a reminder that it’s important for a mother to look after both her own needs, as well as yours. We think she’ll love it!

    A Cool Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

    It can be difficult to know which valentine’s day gifts to buy, and you can end up buying impersonal gifts like flowers. If you want something special, opt for our personalised chase your dreams phone case which is just £17.99. You can show your support for your partner’s personal dreams and ambitions, which is an important part of a relationship.

    A Great Birthday Gift

    Are you struggling to think of Birthday gift ideas? Birthdays come often and you can soon run out of ideas. Our Personalised Special Mug will make an awesome birthday gift! Mugs are great gifts because they’re practical, so the receiver will get lots of use out of it. Plus, they can choose to fill it with hot or cold drinks so it’ll work for everyone’s preferences.

    Our personalised mugs are one of our least expensive personalised products. They’re great value for money, as the personalisation adds sentimental value to the gift, so it’s something your loved one will treasure for years to come.

    Reason to Buy Personalised Gifts from Lava Your Style?

    Support Us & We’ll Support You

    At Lava Your Style our motto is: support us and we’ll support you! Our online brand has lots of plans to give back. We’re funding a wellbeing hub with information to help increase mental health awareness and improve wellbeing.

    We’re also part of a program that off-sets emissions. That means, for every sale we get, a tree will be planted because we’re trying to help the environment. We also have a print-on-demand business model - products are made/printed when you place an order. This method means that we only make products when there’s a need for them, which reduces waste and stops over-production. Print-on-demand products are also shipped directly from the fulfilment company, which creates less air miles.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Cheap Personalised Gifts

    Consider Personal Preference

    Personal preference is the main thing you’ll probably consider when choosing a personalised gift, as you want to choose a product the person will love. You should take into consideration the other persons likes and dislikes, what they need, the designs they like and their favourite colours. If you’re buying homeware, you might also want to check if there house as a particular colour scheme that you can match gifts to.

    Decide Which Material is Best

    All our gifts are made from different materials. If you’re buying a bag for someone who’s vegan, you should check the gift is made from vegan-friendly materials. 

    Perhaps, you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift? You’re in luck as we have a great range of eco-friendly, bio-degradable phone cases which you can personalise. Plus, they’re all under £20, which is an excellent bonus.

    Check for Unique Features

    When you’re browsing our site, you’ll find our products have lots of different features. Do you know someone who’s always dropping their phone? We have shock absorbent phone cases, which would make a great gift. They’ve been tested over a 5-foot drop!

    Our phone cases aren’t our only products with special features. We also have organic cotton t-shirts that could be ideal for someone with sensitive skin. The cotton isn’t treated with harsh chemicals, so the t-shirts may be less likely to flare-up skin problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Personalised Gifts

    Is buying a personalised gift a good idea?

    We think cheap personalised gifts are a great choice. Making a personalised gift can feel intimidating if you don’t have any design experience. That’s why we’ve made the job easier for you by creating awesome designs that you can personalise. Personalised gifts are a special way of showing that you’ve put lots of thought into the gift.

    Why are personalised gifts special?

    You can customise a personalised gift by adding in a special message or the name of the person receiving the gift. This adds a unique touch, and shows you’ve put lots of thought into the gift. Yes you could just buy a generic gift, but a personalised gift really shows you care about the person.

    Examples of Cheap personalised gifts?

    Here at Lava Your Style we have a great range of personalised gifts under £20. These include personalised mugs, personalised phone cases and personalised notebooks. If you’re looking for a luxury personalised gift instead, you can also check out our range of personalised rugs and personalised blankets.

    Who Should You Give a Personalised Gifts To?

    Now we know what personalised gifts are on offer, you’re probably wondering who you should give the personalised gifts, too. Well, we think personalised gifts are the ideal choice for family, friends and partners. People who you’re close to, that you want to show you care.

    Personalised gifts are also great for celebrating special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings! Although, you don’t always need a special occasion to treat someone or yourself. 


    Cheap personalised gifts are unique products that you can customise with your loved one’s name or nickname. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on personalised gifts either, as we have lots of options that are under £20. They can be the ideal special gift for someone or a fun treat for yourself. Personalised gifts are also ideal for special occasions, like birthdays or an anniversaries. Don’t forget to check out our great range of personalised gifts, personalised homeware and personalised clothing.

    More from us - Did you know? We don’t just sell personalised gifts. We also have a range of non-personalised products. These include backpacks, hoodies and jewellery. Check these out, too, as they would also make great gifts!