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    Loungewear and quirky clothes are super on-trend right now! And, it's obvious why, as you just feel so much better when you're comfortable. Here at Lava Your Style we have can excellent range of comfy t-shirts, bottoms, sweatshirts and more! Read our guide below to help you buy the best clothing and unique bags!

    Our Guide to Help You Buy the Best Quirky Clothes & Unique Bags

    How to Choose Quirky Clothing

    Are you shopping for comfort, style or both

    Buying clothing can be so much fun, but it can also be overwhelming with so many options to choose from. Here are some general steps you can follow to make the process easier:

    Determine what you need

    Before you start shopping, think about what kind of clothing you need. Are you looking for a specific item, like a t-shirt or a hoodie? Knowing what you're looking for can help you focus your search and save time.

    Determine your size

    Before you shop for clothing you need to know your measurements, the last thing you want to do is order the wrong size that won't fit. At Lava Your Style have sizing charts for our clothing to help you out.

    Set a budget

    Decide how much you're willing to spend before you start shopping. This can help you avoid overspending and stick to your budget. We stock items to suit different budgets at Lava Your Style, so make sure to look at everything.

    Consider the material

    Take note of the material of the clothing to ensure it is comfortable and fits your lifestyle. We use a variety of fabrics from super soft fleece to stretchy lycra that's perfect for workouts.

    Check the return policy

    Remember to check our returns policy before you purchase any items from us, so you know your rights.

    Make the purchase

    Once you've found the clothing item that meets your needs, fits well, and fits your budget, head over to our check-out to purchase you're new items!

    Different Types of Quirky Clothing

    There are lots of different types of quirky clothing that have various purposes and are best for different occasions. Here at Lava Your Style, we mainly stock loungewear and causal wear because we believe comfort is important. Here are some different clothing styles we stock:

    Personalised Clothing

    We express our style and personality through the clothing we wear. Well, now you can go one step further by buying personalised clothing. We're starting a range, including personalised t shirts, which you can customise with your own name or text to make a truly unique piece that no one else will have. They'll be no more embracing moments when you turn up wearing the same outfit as someone else.

    You could even send personalised clothing as a gift for a special someone's birthday. It's a ideal way of creating a unique gift that someone will love.


    Comfy bottoms that are also fun and stylish are a must-have! Who said comfort and style can't go hand in hand. We have a fun range of streetwear bottoms, including colourful wide-leg pants, like our smiles-all-over wide leg pants. We also have some awesome track-pants - like our Los Happy White Track Pants.


    Unique t shirts are a closet staple that everyone has! They come in lots of different styles, too, from crop tops to short-sleeve t-shirts. We have a cool range of trendy crop tops, like our grunge smiley face crop top that would look great paired with jeans.

    Sweatshirts & Hoodies

    When it's cooler outside, hoodies or unique sweatshirts are your go-to! We got lots of cool hoodies like our Bella Ladies Happy Sun Cropped Hoodie! It's lined with super soft fleece that will offer warmth and comfort like no other. Or, if you're looking for a relaxed fit hoodie we have our Happy Vibes College Hoodie.

    Examples of Our Best Selling Clothing & Unique Bags

    We love our comfy clothing range because it's both practical and trendy. Plus, all of our designs are based around a positive-wellbeing theme We believe personal style should leave you feeling good instead and not, instead of pressured to look a certain way.

    The Bella Ladies Los Happy Cropped Sweatshirt

    This beautiful red hoodie has to be our favourite design. It's such a fun colour without being too overwhelming. The inside of the Bella Ladies Los Happy Cropped Sweatshirt is super fleece and its comfort is out-of-this world! We also love the positive motto, which is a parody take on Los Angles sport top designs.

    The Smiles All Over Cropped Windbreaker & Smiles All Over Track Pants

    This gorgeous set is available both on our UK and US sites. We love the streetwear jacket as it has lots of awesome features, like breathable mesh lining that reduces static. It's also water-resistant, which makes it a great choice for a hike - as you don't want to get caught out in the rain. You can also purchase the Smiles All Over Track Pants which match!

    Bella Ladies Happy Sun Cropped Hoodie

    A grey cropped hoodie is a staple in everyone's closet - as it matching everything. We love this on-trend hoodie in a gorgeous grey colour. The Bella Ladies Happy Sun Cropped Hoodie is super comfortable with soft fleece lining and it features a fun design that's sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

    Women's Grunge Smile Crop Top

    The Grunge Smile Crop Top is modern and trendy. The white cropped t shirt will match anything and look especially good paired with jeans. It also features a fun smiley face design that has a grungy twist. It gives the top some edge and will help you stand-out from the crowd.

    Bella Ladies Share Your Smile Sweatshirt

    They say that smiles are catching - so why not share the message and get the whole world smiling. We love this colourful design, that features multiple colours. It even comes with a bright smiley face in the center and the motto - share your smile written around the outside. We love the Bella Ladies Share Your Smile Sweatshirt and we're sure you'll love it, too.

    Different Types of Unique Bags & Styling Tips

    Don't you just love unique bags! They're an essential, just like clothing and you can have lots of fun picking out different bags to show-off your unique style and personality. Bellow, we have some examples of different bags we sell and some styling tips for them.

    How to Style Backpacks

    We're sure you'll love our awesome range of backpacks at Lava Your Style! Backpacks are great for trips out or travelling we're you have to fit lots in your bag. Their large size means you can hold all your essentials and lots more. Try our Team Relaxing backpack, it features a fun wellbeing motto and is beautifully designed with an orange and blue gradient background featuring clothes.

    Backpacks look great, as part of a streetwear look, you can style them with track pants, tracksuit bottoms or jeans to create a fun casual vibe. But, at the end of the day, style should be unique to yourself and you really can wear them with anything.

    Styling Tips for Crossbody Bags

    Clutch bags are great, but they can be a pain, as you have to constantly hold them. If you're looking for an alternative for a night out or a special event - then try our awesome selection of crossbody bags. We love our vegan leather flowers, crossbody bag. The simple but effect design will go with most outfits - and it comes with a detachable strap - so you can either choose to wear it across your body or as a clutch depending on your mood. 

    Crossbody bags are great because you can wear them with pretty much anything. You can style a crossbody bag with some jeans for a super casual day look, our pair it with a suit or dress for evening vibes. The options are endless.

    Styling Tips for Tote Bags

    We love tote bags for their simplicity. You just pop them on your shoulder, slip a few things inside and you're good to go with minimal messing. They're particularly good if you're planning on buying bits and bobs whilst shopping, as you can easily fit things inside.

    Tote bags are best for a casual day look. You can try styling them with bottoms, a graphic tee and trainers for those cool college vibes.

    Why You Should Buy Clothing & Accessories from Lava Your Style?

    Support Us & We’ll Support You

    We want hope to do good at Lava Your Style - by giving back and not just taking. We have a motto: support us and we’ll support you! We’re doing this by creating a wellbeing hub, which will include advice and articles to help raise mental health awareness and improve wellbeing.

    We're part of an initiative that will plant a tree for every sale we make to off-set our emissions. Plus, we’re a print-on-demand business, so we only print products when an order is placed to reduce waste and stop over-production. This works, as we only create what we need, instead of buying in bulk at cheap prices. This method also creates less air miles, as we ship our products directly from the fulfilment company. Plus, we try and use services that are based in the same country and our customers.

    What to Consider When Choosing Quirky Clothing & Accessories

    When choosing quirky clothing and accessories, there are a few factors to consider to ensure that you make the best choices for your style, budget, and lifestyle. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're browsing Lava Your Style.

    Your personal style: Consider your personal taste and the style of clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Everyone has their own unique sense of style and you should express that through the clothing that you wear.

    Occasion: Consider the occasion you are dressing for, whether it's formal, casual, or somewhere in between. We have a great selection of luxury crossbody bags that would be great for a formal occasion. Then we have t-shirts and hoodies that are great for casual and street wear.

    Comfort: Choose clothing that is comfortable and fits well, allowing you to move and breathe freely throughout the day. Have you tried our cropped hoodies? We think you should as they are lined with super soft fleece that offers unmatched comfort.

    Quality: Look for quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure that your clothing and accessories will last longer and maintain their appearance.

    Colour and pattern: Picking patterns and colours should be about picking styles that you love - not just wearing what you think looks good.

    Budget: Determine your budget and choose clothing and accessories that fit within your price range. We have clothing and accessories that are different prices and suit different budgets.

    Versatility: Choose clothing and accessories that can be worn in multiple ways, allowing you to mix and match your wardrobe.

    Functionality: Consider the functionality of the clothing and accessories, whether they meet your needs for everyday wear, work, or special occasions.

    Sustainability: Consider the environmental and social impact of the clothing and accessories you are buying. We're making our business more suitable by making all our products print-on-demand, which reduces waste.

    Accessories: Choose accessories that complement your clothing and add visual interest, such as bags - which we have a great range of.

    By considering these factors, you can make informed choices when choosing clothing and accessories that fit your style, budget, and lifestyle!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Quirky Clothes

    Here are some frequently asked questions about clothing and accessories:

    How can I dress up a casual outfit?

    You can dress up a casual outfit by adding accessories such as jewelry, scarves, or a blazer. You can also wear shoes with a dressier style, like pumps or loafers. Our, sweatshirts like our Los Happy Cropped Sweatshirt, can be easily dressed up, by wearing it with some wide leg trousers, or a pleated skirt paired with a blazer and some sneakers. It'll make the perfect smart-casual outfit.

    How often should I wash my clothes?

    It depends on the clothing item and how often you wear it. Generally, items like underwear, socks, and t-shirts should be washed after each wear, while pants, skirts, and sweaters can be worn multiple times before washing. We list washing instructions for our clothing on most of our product pages. Be sure to check it out, so you know how to properly take care of your closet!

    How can I determine my clothing size?

    First of all, you need to measure yourself. You'll probably want to check your height, chest and shoulder measurements. Most of our clothing has a measurement chart on the product page, which will help you determine if the clothing will fit you correctly.

    How do I care for my clothing and accessories?

    Always follow the care instructions on the label or provided on our product pages. This may include washing instructions, drying instructions, and recommended cleaning methods.

    What are some must-have accessories for every wardrobe? 

    Some must-have accessories include a statement necklace, a classic handbag, a versatile scarf, and a comfortable pair of flats or sneakers. We have a great range of crossbody bags and backpacks on our accessories page.


    Quirky clothes and unique bags are a great way of showing off your unique personal style and personality. At Lava Your Style we have an awesome range of clothing that's always growing. We have both personalised items and non-personalised clothing that you're sure to love. Don't miss our excellent range of bags, including backpacks and clothing.

    More from us - Are you looking for a gift? If you're looking for gifts, be sure to check out our personalisation section. This features awesome clothing and homeware items that you can customise to make a unique gift for your loved ones.