Which countries do you ship to?
    We currently only ship items to the UK and US. We have separate sites for the UK and US with different products available, so make sure you order from the right site.
    How long will it take to receive my item?
    In order to reduce waste and create a more sustainable bussiness that's better for the enviroment, we only craft products when you make a purchase. Therefore, it'll take a little longer to receive your item.

    All products have different delivery and dispatch times, which are listed in the product description for each product and on the shipping policy page.
    What is your returns policy?
    Click here to view our returns policy, make sure you read if fully before placing an order so you're aware of your rights and responsibilities. You can start a return by filling in the form on the linked page.
    Where are your products made?
    Most of our products on our UK site are printed in the UK and most of our products on the US site are printed in the US. Although, due to product avaliblity some of our items are printed overseas. 
    What are you doing to support the environment and make your business more sustainable? 
    We try our best to reduce our environmental impact by doing the following:

    Each product is made to order to reduce waste
    Some items are printed using vegan, OEKO-TEX certified ink which means they contain no harsh chemicals
    Some items are donated to charity if they don't pass quality control
    We keep our carbon emissions low as we currently produce and deliver in the UK
    We use less water when printing products
    We try to use recycled materials where possible